Manifestation - Audio Pheromones Series

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- Increase Pheromone Manifestation -

This amazing sound technology can now stimulate the release of pheromones - just imagine how this might change your personal life.

This download contains one AUDIO music file.  Play it in the background while you visualize the following images:

  • Make yourself irresistible to the opposite sex - visualize members of the opposite sex approaching you
  • Increase your confidence and charisma - visualize yourself walking into a room and immediately attracting attention and acting confidently
  • Instantly become more popular - visualize yourself as the centre of attention
  • Be the envy of all your friends - visualize your friends desperate to know how you have suddenly become so popular
  • Use as often as you like - there are no limits!


What is the Pheromone Series?

Our body uses different senses to understand the world we live in and our sense of smell is controlled by a specific portion of the brain that helps to process decisions.  Our sense of smell is important for a number of reasons, some may be to...
  • help to keep us safe if in danger (fire and gas leaks)
  • track down food when hungry
  • seek out a relationship
Pheromones are odors we naturally create and are unique to each person.  These small scents can have a very real impact, even though we do not realize it, and send out an unconscious message to anyone passing us.  They can control whether others view us as trustworthy, warm, honest, or even, attractive.  Research has even shown that women can actually determine a genetically appropriate partner simply by smelling a shirt that has absorbed pheromones. 
Imagine being able to project honesty at your next job interview or appear more attractive on a night out at a club.
Now is your chance to take control of the messages your body sends out.
Thanks to advances in sound technology, it is now possible to increase levels of important pheromones safely through the use of targeted sound frequencies.  Sound waves are already in use in medicine (ultrasound technology) and are considered safe and effective.
Using sound waves can finally allow you to naturally increase your pheromone levels to ensure you send out the right message.